Marabou Safaris, guide on Ngorongoro Crater Safari Tour

The best time to visit Ngorongoro Crater is from June to September for genus wildlife viewing. The high Season is throughout the year, though during the months of July to March the crater will be crowded. Low Season starts April to May and is the only time when the crater has fewer crowds thus better rates. Birdlife is at its prime due to the occurrence of nomadic birds.

The best weather is from June to October when there is little to no rainfall, while the worst weather is in the months of March and April, the peak of wet season. June to October are regarded as the dry season, wildlife is easily to spotted since vegetation becomes less verdant during this period, and animals will gather around rivers and water holes.

There is abundance of sunshine with minimal rainfall; this reduces the chances of contracting malaria, as there are few mosquitoes.

Mornings and nights do get chilly and warm clothing is necessary for nature walks and game viewing at the crater rim.

During the wet season, months of November to May, the Ngorongoro Crater offers excellent scenery, green and beautiful.

With the exception of March, April and May, rains are mostly short afternoon storms and rarely interfere with your trip. March to May is the climax of the wet season.

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