Lake Manyara National Park Travel Guide

It is ideal to visit Lake Manyara National park is during the months of June to September as it is easier to spot wildlife. The high season runs most of the year though July to March the northern sector of the park gets very crowded in the mornings.

Low Season is in the months of April and May while the best weather is during the months of June to October where few rains are recorded. The worst weather is experienced in the months of March and April the climax of wet season. While June to October is the dry season, during this period there is a lot of sun and very little or no rain, animals are more easily found in the scarce vegetation where they gather together at water sources. There are slighter chances of catching malaria, as the mosquitoes are few. It is recommended to bring warm clothes for game drives in June to August as it tends to be cold in the early mornings. November to May is the wet season with green and thriving scenery. During April and May, the low season, so it’s usually less crowded with generally lower rates safari tours.

Even though wildlife is easier to spot in the dry season, Lake Manyara National Park offers good wildlife viewing throughout the year.

Bird watching is best at this time of the year since nomadic birds are present.

Roads may become impassable due to the rains with March to May being the climax of the wet season.

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